Friday, February 10, 2012

What a Babe!!

    Today I am taking it easy, since my body is trying its hardest to get sick, and that means playing in the blogosphere! While checking out one of my favorite blogs, The Daybook, I got some inspiration for writing!! (Gotta love when things just come to you when you're not even trying!!) The fabulous writer of The Daybook is a new mommy and making a trip to NYC with her son which got me to thinkin...

    Having a child so far away from family made me get use to traveling with him very quickly! Most of the time, the trips were in the car, which is nice and contained! Sure you have to stop to feed and change diapers and there may be some freakouts but at least its only affecting mommy and daddy. Now flying is a different story! What brand new mommy isn't scared of flying with their lil bundle of moodiness? Most of us have been on a plane trip with the screaming baby that all the passengers think the parent is horrible (which really is NOT the case at all). The idea can be terrifying! However, flying with your babe doesn't have to be scary!! I use 3, never travelled without, tips that got me through those small planes and short layovers (because when planning a trip with a babe, it is better to have shorter layovers than hours of waiting and no where to play).

My first is to travel with a baby sling! Both of your hands are free to lug around your carry on and overstuffed diaper bag plus it helps support and distribute your baby's weight so you don't get as achy rushing from plane to plane! My son also loved when I faced him forward in it so he could see everything.
Now mommies and daddies this doesn't mean you don't need to pay attention to your kiddo when he is attached to you!! Things can still go wrong in baby slings but it is mostly when the child is being neglected. So pay attention and make sure they are safe and secure!!

My next GINORMOUS lifesaver was a tip I got from my sis (actually I think most of my tips I get from her - after all she is now a mommy of three and I am a mommy of 1 and a half)! When flying as an adult it is advised that you have something to chew or suck on, like gum or hard candy. Well the same goes for your munchkin - just skip the gum and candy!
For take off and landing I would feed my lil man. This way he would constantly be sucking and swallowing which allowed his lil ears to pop and not hurt. I did, however, make a mistake one time and tried to breastfeed. On tiny planes, it just isn't fun. I got lucky and had a grandmother and mother sitting next to me who were completely understanding of my kid's feet all over them, but I never did it again...instead I pumped! Don't worry TSA is totally prepared for this, just be sure to have your bottles handy when going through security so they can wave a little strip over it. Then you're good to go!! And mommies of formula eaters, the same applies to you too, just premake the bottles and have 'em handy!!

My next tip isn't quite in your control but more of a blessing!! As soon as those great big engines started up, my lil man would pass out!! He loved the noise and the closer to the engines we sat the better. Not necessarily pleasant for mommy, but would you rather have a screaming, squirming child or an engine helping him sleep? I chose sleep and snuggles!!

Last tip (I know I said only 3 but one just popped into my noggin) is to RELAX! Your lil bundle of cuteness is bound to freak out eventually, especially if you're a frequent traveler. Just remember the flight attendants may be able to help. If the flight isn't full, they may be able to move you to a seat with more room. They may also have something tastier for baby to suck on if he is refusing your food of choice. All you have to do is ask! Also, remember to relax because, chances are, the majority of the passengers have been in your shoes! As long as you show an effort, they are typically understanding! In all my flights, I have only come across one (super) rude guy who made me feel awful but the rest of the people on the same flight ended up supporting me!!

So from now on remember flying with a babe doesn't have to be terrifying! Just do your best to be prepared and soak up all the compliments your lil one is sure to get!!
!!!Happy Traveling!!!

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Vonae Deyshawn said...

Thanks for the amazing tips! I'm currently expecting but love to travel. I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to with the new babes but this gives me a lot of confidence! Thank you!

Vonae Deyshawn