Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Getting in the Spirit

     I dont usually get into the Valentines Day hype ( I know - not very girlie of me)!! However with the ups and downs of the last year my hubby and I are better than ever, so I figured I would get in the lovey dovey spirit and post something about him and me <3

We met on Myspace. I know, I know cheesy, dangerous, and do people still even use that? are all thoughts that you are probably thinking right now. But you know what, he was the only guy I ever met off the internet and by golly I am sure glad we did meet!! He is a Midwest Military Boy and I am a Girl Raised in the South and somehow we match up perfectly. We dont mind working hard and getting a lil dirty (just look below) and we also know how to have fun!!

After about 9 months of dating, he was being stationed in another state over 1,000 miles away and we were engaged to be married. Fast forward through a year of traveling back and forth, skyping, and finally me making the big move to Oklahoma, we were married! Let me tell you, I am a lucky girl and got 2, yup thats right two weddings! One was small, just a few members of his family and my parents, and the other was on a beautiful island in the gulf coast off of Florida.

This is one of my absolutely favorite pictures ever of the two of us from our week on the island!! It captures our love so well and I plan on printing this out big to hang it in our bedroom (if I ever decorate!)!
 It was taken by my beautiful sister, Heather Blackwell. If you are in Florida (possibly Georgia - you would have to talk to her) and need a photographer for any occasion (maternity, kids, wedding) find Whitson Blackwell Photography and hire her!!! No seriously hire her, she is fabulous!!)

Fast forward about 7 months after our island wedding (13 months from our 1st wedding) and you get this picture. Hubby and I about to have our first baby. Talk about a whole new adventure about to start! The kiddos in this picture can barely imagine what is waiting for them!!!

Now here we are, married 3 years, with a two year old lil boy, and a little girl on the way and things between us couldnt be better!! Yes, like any relationship, we have ups and downs. but the important thing is we always make it through the downs, and there are way more ups!!!
There aren't a lot of words in existence for me to describe how I feel about him. The best way is to put it simply.
I love him <3


christen said...

you're so freaking cute lol!!

Brandi said...

what a fun timeline! just discovered your little family you've got!