Saturday, February 18, 2012

On a Mission!!

     Lately, I just haven't wanted to cook dinner. Can you really blame me, I'm pregnant so my eating habits are all out of whack and I'm usually working by the time dinner time roles around. I would have to start dinner around 3:30 so we could eat before I left for work at 4:30... yeah I don't see that happening much. Then on my days off, when I really should make a nice home cooked meal for my family, all I want to do is be a bum in my pjs, read my favorite blogs and watch shows on Netflix.
My favorite right now is Merlin. I know cheesy, and nerdy but also British and awesome - I am on a British television kick and I blame Doctor Who and the adorable David Tennant!!

photo: BBC
Oh how I miss the tenth Doctor....sigh..

Oh sorry, where was I? Oh yes food and not wanting to make it...
While I am in this cooking drought, I figured I would put it to good use! I am now determined to find great, local, hole in the wall restaurants! So far hubby and I have found a couple of really scrumptious places!!

A couple weeks ago, Hubby introduced me to this amazing and OH SO tasty catfish place called Casey's Cajun Fried Catfish. Oh MY Goodness!! It was so yummy!!!! I got the catfish with coleslaw and greens and let me tell you I don't normally care for coleslaw much but once I got a hold of theirs, it was gone super fast! The greens were an even more delicious touch of home in the south and I have been craving them ever since! I don't have any pictures of my dinner because it was gone before I even thought about photos!! Just search urbanspoon for Casey's Cajun Fried Catfish and you will see the yumminess that's taking place here in Oklahoma :) Do it! I'm telling you, its soo very yummy!!

Another great local find is basically right across the street from our neighborhood (which may be dangerous for my weight since I am tempted to eat there quite often!) It is an intimate little Italian restaurant called Banchettos. The hubby and I weren't sure about trying it until one night neither of us could figure out what to have for dinner. Finally, I googled it, called, and placed a carry out order. When I went to pick it up, I wasn't even inside when the amazing aroma hit me! My mouth was instantly watering!! And the food did not disappoint, Banchettos instantly went on the hubby's and my "Go To" restaurant list and we have already gone again... a few times !! Also, I don't have pics for this place either, that's just how yummy it is, it doesn't last long enough to get pictures, just goes straight to my tummy!! But here is a pic of something I just tried tonight from their FB:

photo: Banchettos


**By the way, neither of these restaurants have any clue I am writing about them! They didn't pay me to review or anything. I am just a  huge fan!!**

Now I am on a mission to find a great local BBQ place! We tried a place the other night, it was okay but definitely not Ah-mazing, like we were hoping for!! So if you are in the Oklahoma City area and know of a great place, BBQ or otherwise, please DO tell!! :)



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That looks so GOOD!

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mm that looks so good..
congratulations on the pregnancy