Thursday, February 23, 2012

there's nothing like a boy and his dogs

The last two days have been way too pretty to be stuck inside all day. So, while I started on dishes and straightening some stuff, I opened some windows, along with our back door, and turned on some music. When I had finished up loading the dishwasher, I peeked at my boy outside and found him in his own world with a dump truck, some hot wheels, and his dogs!!
PS. ignore my dirty back doors and weeds! the weather has been too gross lately to clean up outside :)

~~~Enjoy your day and your loved ones~~~


Lola said...

Hi Shannon...I had to stop and say how cute the photo is of your son and the dirty doors with your reflection in it! Little baby bump...I'm new to the blog world and found yours through the likes of the Lauren Conrad site. I wish you success with continued growth...if you are interested here is my site:

Would love to see you around!


Vonae Deyshawn said...

Hi Shannon! I found your blog on Lola's blog and happy I did. I laughed when I saw your back door caption. Don't worry, with two big dogs my back door looks similar. It drives me insane!

Vonae Deyshawn

Dale Janeé said...

Aww how cute, your son is adorable and your dogs too. We had outside labs that were always running around in the mud. Great post and nice blog! Following you now