About Me

   I am a wife to a wonderful, hardworking man, but also a mommy of two happy, healthy, growing mess makers. My family makes my heart smile while my mind gets lost. I found a beautiful way to find my sanity again through running. I am no expert but am learning as I achieve my goals. During my few moments of "me time" that don't involve the sound of my feet hitting the pavement, I enjoy rediscovering my loves of reading, fashion, and cooking; all of which, will probably find their way to my list of things to write.

    I started this blog a few years ago and got distracted with a broken computer, growing family, and life changing events. As my life continues to grow and change, I have decided to get back to it and write again. I didn't know much about the blog world when I started way back when and now I know even less. Please be patient with me. If you have any tips or suggestions feel free to click my contact info and share! I always welcome helpful feedback.

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