Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend in Review

This weekend was a bit gloomy and overcast which I loved! Its the perfect grab a book and find a cozy spot type of weather. It was also perfect timing for a gloomy weekend because the last few weeks have been non stop human interactions and activities. As an introvert, this lady needed a quiet break. I received just enough quiet time before the sun came out for the hubby's baseball game. And man oh man did that sun come out! It was hot enough for me to actually let the kiddos get drenched in the drinking fountain for a quick ball park cool down.

Now that the weekend is over, its time for me to get back to business. Apply to a few more jobs, set up the kids' yearly doctor appointments, and finish up some last minute moving details! Busy week coming up! What is your week ahead looking like? 

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