Friday, July 17, 2015

A Little Rebel in Us All

I've been feeling very restless with my appearance these last few weeks. I guess a facial injury will do that to you. It's not just my face though. I kind of want a whole makeover. Clothes, hair, makeup. I usually play it safe with my look. Makeup, if any, is neutral, hair never goes more than two shade lighter or darker than the natural color, and my clothes stay fairly preppy but have been bordering the “mom” look for quite some time now. I have this imaginary alter ego with a wild, outgoing personality and the looks to match. I always envy the people that are actually living my alter ego. I would love to let a little more of her shine through. Having just recently moved to a new state, what better time is there to add a bit of personality?

The alter ego did poke through a bit a few years back when I did my one rebellious act with my appearance. I had my nose pierced. I kept it a simple small stud, not too flashy, for over three years.  Well, during surgery and the healing process my piercing had to come out and is long gone (must be all those healing powers up front and central that made it disappear so fast). With that bit of defiance gone, I am starting to get antsy.

To keep my full crazy rebellious alter ego at bay once again, I'm thinking I should just let a small piece shine through again. I really don't want to hurt though. I'm pretty much over pain right about now which means tats and piercings are out. (You’re welcome mom!) I am also too broke to go buy a WHOLE new funky but fun wardrobe unless that wardrobe is for winter clothes (this Florida girl is scared of her first Nebraska winter) so I'm leaning toward new hair. It can't be too out there because I still have to enter the job hunt soon but I would enjoy a little bit of funky and fun. I have been turning to my trusty go to website, Pinterest, for a little inspiration. I would LOVE to go pink or, in the very least, have some peeking through. I had a bit of hot pink in my hair about a year and half ago and while I ADORED it, it faded fairly quickly. I am feeling pretty positive about maintaining it though. So far I am wanting blonde hair on the darker side with the pink just peeking through. I could be hidden if styled correctly but shines through when wanted! 

If I can muster up a few more ounces courage (and more cash) I think I may go for it. After all, you only live once, it won't be permanent, and I am ready for a bit of change!

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