Monday, July 13, 2015

Seeing Stars

Do you ever make plans and then never get them done because SOMETHING always gets in the way? Whether it's going to the beach but its raining, or you need to pack to move but ran out of tape, or how about celebrate the Fourth of July and fall flat, and I mean flat, on your face breaking, your nose and teeth? Yea. Well that last one happened to me this year. Water balloons and booze and slippery sidewalks should have screamed DANGER!! But we laugh in the face of danger right? "Hahahaha!" Well guess who is laughing now. That's right. Danger is cackling so hard tears are falling, while I got stuck dazed and seeing stars.

After my ER visit

After the fall, all I could see was blood on concrete and I could hear a lot of concern and feet running. I was given an ice compress which quickly became saturated with disgustingness then rushed into my dad's truck with my husband and mom by my side. The ER waiting room gave me the time to calm my breathing, feel my broken teeth, and promptly freak out again. Once I got back to the exam room I actually stayed calm. X-rays were ordered and then we had to schedule a follow up with a specialist.

That appointment on Monday was fun. And by fun, just imagine being told that you need to have your first EVER surgery which includes being put under, which you have never EVER done before to have braces put on your mouth and your broken nose set and packed. Yea, time for this claustrophobic, control freak to panic again. I got through it though. I survived. Thank God and thanks to my awesome hubby who held my hand all the way through. Now I'm traveling to Nebraska from Florida with lovely black eyes and a stylish cast on my nose. 

A week has passed

That's right. All this happened right before the big family road trip half way across country. The good news is I don't have to worry about getting fat while eating gross fast food for the 1400 mile journey. I'm busy eating (or should I say drinking) soup, drinking juices, and sucking down those little baby food pouches (which are actually quite tasty with their random combinations of veggies and fruit). Although, I will admit the doughnuts the kids ate this morning looked WAY more DELICIOUS!!

 I have a new appointment with a new specialist scheduled for the first Tuesday in Nebraska. Hopefully, they can further correct my bite (because FOOD!) and they will say my nose is healing beautifully (because who wants the doctor to say your nose is jacked up!?) I am a teensy bit nervous they will be telling me more work will need to be done. I know my teeth will need some corrective procedures and I am NOT looking forward to those. But, I refuse to be negative (for long). Positivity can take you a LONG way and I will use it to get as far as I can.

So far our family road trip hasn't been too bad. The kiddos 
have been excellent. Can we get a big thank you to the road trip heavens for portable DVD players? And who knows, a post may show up later about tips in traveling with little ones (I discovered some fun ways to pass the time).

As for now, during this brief moment of quiet from the back seat, I will be enjoying a book from my lovely sister's audible account. Who knew audiobooks could actually be enjoyable and sometimes preferred?!


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