Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vroom Vroom

     My son is a juice junky and a milk master. I have the hardest time getting him to drink anything else, like that oh so important beverage called water! The best I have been able to do is dilute his juice 50/50 with water... that is until yesterday!
     When my hubby got home for work, we decided to have a family outing. We got the boy out of his lunch stained clothes and into some more presentable duds and headed to the local mall. Although it is the smallest one around this area it has one thing none of the others have and that's a play area...indoors!! So while Hunter played with the kids and went down the slide, Zach and I took turns visiting the stores nearby. My store of choice was Old Navy, more specifically, the clearance section! As I was about to check out with my $5 ansd $7 purchases, my hubby and kiddo show up with this beautiful (to a mommy with a kid that dislikes water) thing!!

   Now to understand better, you should also know that my son is a Cars enthusiast! We seriously watch the movie around 3 times per week. In fact, most of the time once the credits are roling, he is ready to watch it again! So now we have a Cars water bottle and my one rule is going to be only water can go into it! So far it is working! He is staying hydrated with something other than sugar and he feels like the coolest kid around! Mommy duties complete...at least for the moment :)

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christen said...

lol i love it, especially since he picked it out himself he will be drinking out of it all the time :)