Friday, August 7, 2015


Sorry for the lack of new posts this last week or so. Its been a bit of mess and chaos around here, because we finally got to move into our own place on Saturday!!
After a year of living with parents and the husband traveling all over, we are finally in one place with just our little family. The kitchen is mine! The master bedroom is ours! And the kids finally get to play with the toys that have been hidden away in storage! (Seriously though, they were opening boxes yelling, "SANTA VISITED!!!").

How do I know I am a domestic woman? I am ridiculously
excited for this laundry room!!


Crap. Our stuff is here and I have to unpack and organize it all...

First room unpacked. Again, just shows how domesticated
 I have become that I chose the kitchen first!!

We still have a lot of unpacking, rearranging, and decorating to make it our home. My Pinterest account is going crazy with the decor inspiration. I want light and color and storage

Do y'all have any clever storage or decorating hacks to share? This girl could use some affordable ideas!

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