Friday, March 2, 2012

Not going to lie...

 I don't have much to tell you all! Yesterday was a beautiful day; sunny and warm! Lil man and I had the truck, so we ventured out to our favorite Target! His favorite purchases were his Cars bubble bath, and an Easter bucket he picked out in the dollar section. Mommy's favorite purchases also came from the dollar section but were things for Miss Vivie's nursery :)
On the way out, both Hunter and Mommy got a little treat!

He definitely enjoyed his "special milk" of a cream based mocha frap, while I enjoyed the real thing!!

After our treat, Hunter enjoyed some play time in the backyard while I quickly threw dinner together in the crockpot! Then it was off to my doctor appointment to check on lil miss Vivie! Everything is a-okay! After picking up the hubby at work we enjoyed the rest of the day upgrading our poor old phones to cool new ones (I finally have an iPhone WOOT WOOT! - although still not the fanciest version).

All in all, yesterday was the best day I have had in a while! Even though not a whole lot happened, I wasn't stressed about anything and really just enjoyed my day with my family! Usually there is something always in the back of my mind that I am worrying about, but not yesterday!
Too bad today is not yesterday, its chilly and more stressful (afterall I have to work today) day! And I don't get a chance at another peaceful, enjoyable day until Tuesday... Oh well, at least I still have the memories! 


Lola said...
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Lola said...

So cute! I'm guessing Starbucks? And I love Target, was just there today, but didn't buy my eye on a few things though. I'm glad you had a good day...I love those days where your worries are far far away...Good things were A O K at the doc...have a great weekend. Lola